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ezyWeb's consulting arm can provide your business with a variety of expertiese when and where you need it at the touch of a button.

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UNIX and Linux Systems

ezyWeb has over 15 years experience with many flavours of Unix and Linux in a variety of industries, ranging from manufacturing, software development, to logistics.

Our specialities are wide ranging and can be tailored to suit your needs. Some of our expertiese includes:

  • SunOS/Solaris
  • HP-UX
  • AIX
  • Slackware
  • RedHat
  • SuSe
  • Sendmail
  • CUPS
  • Apache
  • DNS Servers

Data Storage Systems

Depending on your environment, ezyWeb can consult with you on your existing storage systems or recommend new and alternative methods to handle your data storage.

Our experience in this area is diverse, ranging from NAS and SAN appliances, CIFS and NFS filesharing to Backups, Replication and Disaster Recovery.

Networking and Communications

The network is often treated as a utility such as an electrical supply, functioning efficiently behind the scenes. However, if left without regular maintenance, problems can occur that can literally paralyse your entire organisation.

Ranging from SOHO solutions to corporate Local Area Networks, ezyWeb has the professional experience to consult with you on troubleshooting, expansions and additions to your network.