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Software can do a lot for you or your business. Imagine a truly automated website, interacting with your customers, giving you feedback on your business and giving you the power to showcase you or your products.

ezyWeb not only empowers your website, we also develop custom applications for your organisation, automating processes and allowing you to concentrate on what's important.

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Web Development

ezyWeb has extensive experience in rich Internet applications such as PHP, Flash, Javascript and many more technologies. These tools can massively increase the potential of your website.

From simple tasks such as taking customer feedback, or formatting and sending emails, up to and including interacting with existing applications and databases, we can make your website truly automated.

Database Development

Information is everywhere and knowledge is power. Storing that information in a structured manner and using it to enhance your organisation's knowledge is one of the primary purposes of databases.

ezyWeb has many years of experience in designing and structuring databases. Irregardless of you or your organisations current style of storing information, we can advise and consult with you on more efficient ways of storing and reporting on your information.

Application Development

In this digital age, many business processes are still manual and costly, creating needless amounts of time, paper and wasted hours. ezyWeb can analyse your existing manual processes and design applications to make your systems work for you, instead of the other way around.